Air Plants


Air Plants or Tillandsia use their root system to attach themselves to objects, such as trees, shrubs, telephone poles, wires, rocks, etc. They do not need soil to survive. Due to this fact they are a unique and fun plant to have in your collection.


Air plants do best in conditions that provide plenty of air circulation since they pull most of their nutrients from the air. Containers that severely restrict air circulation are probably not the best choice for these plants.

To water your plant, simply place it in a bowl of water for about 20-30 minutes once a week. Remove your plant from the bowl and shake off the excess water. Let it completely dry before returning it to its container or hanger. It is highly recommended to let your plant dry upside down or sideways to prevent rot. If you notice your plant starting to look dry, mist it with water every two to three days. Be careful not to over mist your plant, it will lead to a build up of water at the base and lead to rot.

Air plants prefer warm temperatures. Anything under 50°F will kill your plant. They will grow best in indirect sunlight.


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